The POWERplus Wallaby is a lithium-ion 400Wh multifunctional power supply with:
• 2 AC 220V outputs (300W max.), pure sine wave inverter
• 1 DC 12V cigarette output (120W max)
• 2 DC 12V 6mm output (36W max)
• 2 USB 5V 2.1A output
• 2 USB 5V 1.0A output

The Wallaby can be charged by the AC charger, DC car charger or by solar power (solar cell not included).
This high quality powerstation has an built in MPPT charge controler, to optimise the performance of a solar cell.

Besides all this, the Wallaby has an integrated jump start facility on board which can jumpstart a car at 400A max at 12V.

The following accessoiries are included:
• AC charger
• DC car charger
• solar charging cable (compatible with POWERplus solar 18V charging modules like POWERplus Python)
• smart jump starter cable with cable clamps